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Mother Nurture Postpartum Wellness Screening Program

Looking after new moms

Mothers are followed closely by their care providers throughout pregnancy. After baby has been delivered, care typically shifts from mom to baby. Postpartum wellness checks for moms can vary, depending on who delivered your baby, where you live, what services are in place and whether you have a family doctor. Women are typically discharged from postpartum care at 6 weeks. However, many continue to experience ongoing physical, emotional and relationship struggles throughout the first year postpartum and beyond. After being discharged from postpartum care and experiencing struggles several months into the postpartum period, I kept asking myself "who is checking in on moms?" My goal was to create a screening tool for moms to be able to check in on all aspects of their lives. This includes asking targeted questions and prompting women and not simply asking the question "how are you doing"? - new moms have enough to think about!


What is the Mother Nurture Wellness Screening Program?

The Mother Nurture Postpartum Wellness Screening Program was designed as a bridge for moms who have been discharged from postpartum care and would like ongoing wellness checks to ensure they continue to stay well and can thrive throughout the first year postpartum. My goal is to provide additional support and to address potential gaps in postpartum care. Mothers can sign up for postpartum wellness checks starting at 2 months postpartum until 12 months postpartum. A monthly link will be sent to your email to complete a wellness questionnaire. This will provide you with information regarding your overall well-being, including areas of concern that might need to be addressed. After completing your questionnaire, you can have the opportunity to follow-up with a nurse via phone visit, virtual visit or home visit. The nurse will review your answers, discuss areas of concern, provide health education and support, and assist with system navigation in linking you to appropriate services and supports.  There will also be opportunities for you to connect with other moms through private chats and as well as support groups offered through Mother Nurture services.

Monthly enrollment fee = 

Counselling fee for 30 minute phone and virtual visits = 

Counselling fee for 1-hour home visit in Chatham-Kent = 

Let’s Work Together

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining this program or want to learn more!

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