Here's what we cover...a brief overview!


  • Stages and Phases of Labor

  • Fears surrounding birth - how to overcome these in a positive way

  • Breathing relaxation and benefits of massage

  • Labor support and pain management

  • Factors that decrease pain perception

  • Video - Rhythm Ritual and relaxation

  • Medications in labor - knowing your options

  • Rotation Exercise - Let's practice what you've learned

  • Benefits of wearing your baby- We show you how!

  • Creating a flexible birth plan

  • Importance of movement in labor - birth ball practice and a wide range of positions

  • When things don't go as planned - cesarean and induction 

  • Various guest speakers from Willow Health covering - pelvic floor health and post partum depression.  You will also meet our massage therapists and doulas who volunteer their services and knowledge at class

  • Video - The Amazing Talents of the Newborn

  • The importance and benefits of skin to skin contact